Jumaat, 26 Mac 2010

baby's day out

aduhai.. nak pecah perut ni menahan gelak gara-gara tengok cerita -->


tengok movie kat astro.memandang kan buat kerja remote from home. apa lagi laptop depan TV dan Mister Potato pun tak ketinggalan juga.. hehe.

sapa pernah tengok cerita ni. sila angkat tangan?!!? heheee...

ni Synopsis cerita tersebut:

Baby Bink Cotwell (Kevin Worton), the main protagonist, couldn't ask for more; he has adoring parents, he lives in a huge mansion, and he is just about to appear in the social pages of the paper. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is as nice as Bink's parents; especially the three klutzy, would-be kidnappers: Edgar "Eddie" Mauser (Joe Mantegna), Norbert "Norby" LeBlaw (Joe Pantoliano), and Victor "Veeko" Riley (Brian Haley), the main antagonists. Eddie, Veeko, and Norby disguise themselves as the photographers from the newspaper in order to kidnap Baby Bink.

Successfully kidnapping Baby Bink, Eddie, Veeko, and Norby have a harder time keeping hold of Bink, whose curiosity enables him to escape from the kidnappers. Desperate not to lose their ransom leverage, the three criminals embark on a city-wide search for Bink, but the real challenge comes when they discover that Bink is not a regular baby: only those connected to Bink or the kidnapping can physically see him, giving Bink the advantage, such as crawling across the road during the rush hour without being seen.

Not only does Baby Bink keep one step ahead of the kidnappers, but he seems to be more than a little bit smarter than them. A chase ensues all over the city for Bink, with only the people connected to the kidnapping or to Bink himself able to physically see him. At the film's climax in a construction yard, Bink eludes the three thugs and is eventually reunited with his parents. The thugs return home, but are arrested when Bink accidentally gives his parents critical information regarding the thugs' identity.


Baby's day out adalah filem komedi pada tahun 1994. tak salah masa itu umur saya baru 7 tahun. wah.. darjah satu rupanya i waktu itu. heheee...

Lucu. terhibur dan berderai dengan gelak ketawa. best sangat-sangat cerita ni. Even dah tengok banyak kali pun still seronok untuk tonton lagi.

Kata Hati : haishh... ni dah start berangan nak kawin ni.. nak baby cumil macam si Baby Bink Cotwell.. hehehe :P

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